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Mission: To improve the performance, utility and drivability for cars, trucks and SUVS through quality upgrades from respected aftermarket manufacturers at low prices serviced by factory trained experts who are smart, easy to understand and nice to talk to as they guide you to the right product decision that best fits "Your" needs. 

AutomotiveDNA.com was established by 35-Year Performance Industry Veteran, John Butler. Armed with two extraordinary decades of company building and performance product marketing, John was the Marketing Director during the original introduction of performance engine, tuning and suspension parts at Jackson Racing during the 1980s and Stillen in the 1990s. Dozens of magazine project cars, trucks and SUVs we prepared, driven, photographed and ultimately landed on the covers and interior pages of prestigious magazines of the day including Car and Driver, Road&Track, MotorTrend, Truckin', Automobile, Autoweek and many more..

Being in the automotive performance category for such a period of time and having such an insatiable appetite for all things four wheeled and performance driven, we'd have to admit we've a measureable amount of tested and proven Automotive DNA in our gene sequence. 

From simple accessores to "Performance Enhancement Upgrades" in the form of bolt-on kits or individual tuning components that plug in or can make tuning adjustments are now the simplest way to effectively increase the performance of any car, truck or SUV- AutomotiveDNA.com is built around that concept.

All of our part experts have also built vehicles for racing and/or show, so don't hesitate to call, our talent bench is deep with experience. 

AutomotiveDNA.com is part of the AutoDNA, LLC group which also runs BuyBrakes.com, EBCRotors.com, HawkBrakesDirect.com and other brand specific brake websites, so you'll find lots of brake components herein as well.