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Air Intake Systems

Cold air intake systems are one of the fastest, easiest and most efficient performance upgrades you can make. Aftermarket air intake systems increase air flow over more restrictive stock air intake systems. As a bonus, they even sound great as you are accelerating.

An aftermarket Air Intake System can optimize your engines capabilities by using larger high flow air filters accompanied with a smoother flowing intake tube, and sometimes an enclosed air box to keep warm engine air out.

A good Air Intake System not only delivers tons of air to your ride, it also increases the quality of the air your engine is getting. How is this you ask? Leading companies like AEM, K&M, and Volant spend countless hours designing and developing Air Intake Systems that are designed to do more than just bring in massive amounts of air. They try and find ways to get your ride the coolest possible air by placing your air intake systems filter outside of the engine bay (which is also known as a Cold Air Intake) or in an enclosed intake box that keeps hot engine air out and away from your filter.

The air intake systems filter is another key factor to creating a great air intake system. Manufacturers look for ways to increase the flow of air through your intake systems filter without sacrificing filtration, and many times they are actually able to increase air flow and increase the filtration capabilities making stock air filters look obsolete.

For some people a good Air Intake System delivers more than just noticeable power gains. With gas prices heading towards $4.00 a gallon or more gas mileage gains are a big incentive to invest in a good Air Intake System whether it be a Short Ram Air Intake System or a Cold Air Intake System. Better fuel mileage is almost always achieved when you bolt on a great air intake system.

Shop the most popular brands like K&N Cold Air intake systems and AEM intake systems.

High Flow Air Filters

If you're not looking for a complete intake system and still want to get the most out of your engine, try upgrading to a K&N Replacement Air Filter or an aFe Air Filter. Stock replacement air filters fit your factory air box to replace your stock air filter, and provide better filtration and air flow. High flow replacement air filters have proven to increase fuel efficiency and extend engine life.

High flow air filters are hands-down the easiest easy way to increase overall efficiency and push cleaner air through your engine. If that isn't enough to get you started on the path to performance, then the fact that they have a Lifetime Warranty should certainly be an advantage to take into consideration. Most High Flow Replacement Air Filters that we carry are washable and reusable so you don't have to worry about buying a new filter ever. The Replacement Air Filters can simply be cleaned with a Filter Cleaning Kit.

Whether you choose a cold air intake system, short ram air intake system or a replacement air filter, your engine will breathe easier and the filter itself will do a superior job of cleaning the air that your engine ingests over the stock paper filter that your vehicle came with from the factory. Air filters like the Airaid SynthaFlow are designed much differently than your stock intake. We are here to help you choose the right intake for your ride so feel free to call us with any questions! 1-888-257-5739

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